December 2004:
Cody's getting bigger! He loves to play with his toys, especially his crib mirror where he can bat at the purple bird.
This month Cody rode on an airplane for the first time to go see Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona. Here are some highlights:

Here he is in the crib with a few toys.

We shot hundreds of pictures trying to get "the perfect" picture for the Christmas card.

I think this was the one we picked.

Cody checking out the manger at church.

Star light star bright...

Grandpa was pretty excited to see Cody.

Ho Ho Ho!

He looks pretty good in plaid.

Our dapper young man.

Still dapper.

He still has a thing for that parrot.

Christmas Eve dinner with Swedish meatballs, pickled herring and glög.

On Christmas Eve we got the great news that Cody had a new cousin Theodore Francis Roessler. Born December 24th at 8:57am.

All dressed up for church on Christmas Eve.

Cody was in the Christmas spirit.

Even papa got cleaned up a bit.

Cool! A spoon!

What the heck are these?

He is very curious about everything.

Grandma made a killer egg pancake for Christmas morning.

Time for a nap.

Yep. Definately time for a nap.

It was 20 below in Minnesota.

We all loved basking in the sun.

Grandma and Cody sure had fun.