January was a busy Month. We met Cody's new cousin Theo. Grandma and Grandpa came out for another visit, and we took another plane ride, this time to New Mexico for Uncle Matt's wedding. Cody also rolled over for the first time this month.

Cody contemplating rolling over.

Still thinking about it.

Meeting Cousin Theo

Cousin Theo with Grandma Gogi.

There's that parrot again.

For some reason Papa's eyes are ALWAYS closed in pictures.

Cody is still pretty cute.

Especially when he's working on a smile.

Hanging out with Papa.

This little piggy...

Cody loves to sit up so he can see everything that is happening.

Cody having a giggle fit.

Sleepy time.

Cody in his cool French sweater.

Cody and Theo.

Who's that kid?

Grandma's back!


She's not going to make me play with that parrot again, is she?.

Finally, Papa has his eyes open!

and again!

Ready for a jaunt in the Baby Bjorn.

It's chilly out here!

Hanging out with Sunshine.

Cody took a snooze during the rehearsal dinner for Uncle Matt's wedding.

Out cold.

Lets get this show on the road.

There's Grandma Kelker and Aunt Sara.

Uncle Brad and Cousin Zöe.

Cody was pretty curious about his Cousin Zöe.

Cousin Elle and Aunt Tiffany checking out Cody.

The whole Kelker clan, including Uncle Doug!

Cody snoozed through the reception.