In March Cody started eating solid foods! In early March he had two razor sharp little teeth poke out of his lower front gums. We had a big feast on Easter with some friends.

Cody always has a few smiles.

Cody being unusually cooperative with some nail clipping.

Yumm! Sweet potatoes!


Wait, I don't have it all over my face yet!

Now I do!

Three cousins: Cody, Eli and Theo.

Cody thinks Papa's hair is pretty cool.

Cody showing off his new teeth(trust me, they're in there)!

We had a little photo shoot with Cody in a cool bassinet. Here are a few of the shots:

Mango loves her baby!


Yuck. That was a little too much Mango smooch.

We had some spring snow in late March, and took Cody out for a ride in his BOB stroller. Here he is all tucked in.

Cody having his Easter dinner.

Cody and his friend Zöe.


How about another?

Cody and Sunshine after our Easter feast.

Time for a nap.