Every day there is something new with Cody.
Steve went back to work from home during this time. Grandma Roessler was still here helping out. Here are some more highlights:

Cody spends a lot of time sleeping.

Steve is building up his Daddy muscles (Cody's getting big).

Sleep is something we don't seem to do as much of as we used to.

Papa likes to snuggle too.

Grandma Roessler got Cody a halloween onezie.

I think he likes it.

Grandma really helped out when Steve went to Chicago for work. Here she is after helping with a bath.

Cody after dinner with Grandma.

Cody digs his masseuse.

Cody is cultivating a few chins.

Mango has resigned herself to the fact that she's no longer the center of the universe.

He's getting pretty strong. He can hold his head up pretty well now. Its hard to imagine how floppy he was when we brought him home.

When he's on his tummy he can now lift up his head, and move it from side to side.

Mark stopped by for a visit, and took Mango for a well deserved run by the creek.

Sarah and her family came over to meet Cody.

Aunt Kjirsten and cousin Eli stopped by to say hello.