By Cody's second week mom and dad are starting to figure things out. Here are a few highlights:

Cody liked to be swaddled if he was sleepy enough.

He likes a bath once in a while.

But not too often...

He's a snugly guy.

Cody started to practice his smile.

The thinker...

The crazy man...

He's getting bigger, but he's still just a little handful.

Grandma Roessler has been helping out a ton.

It started to get a bit chilly up here in Minnesota. Luckily Grandma came thru with a knit blanket and hat.

Grandma and Grandpa Kelker came for a visit.

Grandma and Cody.

Cody reading the paper with Grandma and Papa.

Burp...sorry Grandma.

We see some resemblance between Grandpa and Cody...